Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Today's library report

I looked at a whole bunch of microfilm, which was waiting for me at the San Francisco Public Library. Of late, most all of my inter-library loan requests are geared toward Louise Brooks tour' with Denishawn, and the corresponding performances and reviews in newspapers across Canada and the United States. To date, I have been able to get ahold of material on about 90% of the nearly 200 performances Denishawn gave during Brooks tenure.

I looked at the Peterborough Examiner (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada), as well as Rochester Daily Bulletin and the Rochester Daily Post and Record (both from Rochester, Minnesota) and Kenosha Evening News (from Kenosha, Wisconsin). I also examined the Waterloo Evening Courier & Daily Reporter (from Waterloo, Iowa), Sedalia Democrat (from Sedalia, Missouri), Columbia Daily Tribune (from Columbia, Missouri) and The State (from Columbia, South Carolina). Each newspaper contained at least an article, review, or advertisement documenting a performance. Some of the papers contained multiple articles, and even a few interviews with Ruth St. Denis. Recently, I was also able peruse the Galveston Daily News, and acquire copies of articles from that elusive Texas newspaper.

Today, I also managed to dig a few film reviews and advertisements out of the Boise Capital News (from Boise, Idaho - the first reviews I've found from that Western state) and Winnipeg Free Press (from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada). Citations for all of these finds have been added to the LBS bibliographies.

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