Thursday, May 25, 2006

At Skywalker Ranch

I am back from Washington D.C. and my trip to the Library of Congress. I'll write more about that later . . . . Last night, I attended a gathering of booksellers at Skywalker Ranch - the Northern California workplace of director and producer George Lucas. The reason for the gathering was the launch of a new book, Cinema by the Bay, by Sheerly Avni and Michael Sragow. The book celebrates the many filmmakers who reside and make films in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The party was good fun, and the house in which it took place quite extraordinary! Lucas has some lovely art - and the research library is mighty impressive. 
There was a lot to look at, to say the least. A selection of props used in various Lucasfilm productions are on display. I saw the hat and whip used by Indiana Jones, and a light saber from Star Wars. Also on display were a few items dating back to the silent film era. I spotted an autographed photo of Rudolph Valentino from The Eagle, as well as a whip used by the actor in the film! There was also a photograph of the Keystone Cops, and a display box holding their police badges! And next to that was a picture postcard autographed by Mata Hari ! Too cool.

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