Sunday, April 16, 2006

Two songs

I recently came across this . . . . Servio Túlio and his pianist Glauco Baptista are a musical duo in Rio de Janeiro (Argentina) who perform old cabaret songs, including "Du Bist Meine Greta Garbo" / "Meine Schwester Liebt Den Buster" (Keaton). A short video clip of them performing can be viewed at It's kinda nifty.

I have a 1930 recording of Du Bist Meine Greta Garbo" on RadioLulu, but am searching for a vintage recording of "Meine Schwester Liebt Den Buster" to add to the station playlist. The song was composed by Friedrich Hollaender (the composer who wrote all those great Marlene Dietrich recordings - including the popular recordings from The Blue Angel).  A singer named Victor DeKowa recorded "Meine Schwester Liebt Den Buster" in 1928.  Anyone have a copy? There is a recent recording by Jody Karin Applebaum (vocals) and Marc-Andre Hamelin (piano), but I would prefer to get a vintage recording if possible. I know it exists on the multi-disc, massively priced Friedrich Hollaender box set available in Europe.

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