Wednesday, March 22, 2006

LB's clothing for sale on eBay

This garment is for sale on eBay. The auction description reads "Louise Brooks personal bed-jacket, worn in the documentary of her life Lulu in Berlin. While residing in Rochester, New York, Louise Brooks agreed to make a personal appearance at a local department store, being at the time the only Rochester-area "celebrity". As a gesture of gratitude, she was offered her choice of virtually anything in the store, and being by nature a thrifty and practical woman, she chose only a simple, mint green synthetic quilted bed-jacket, as this was the only thing that she truly "needed" at the moment. She wore this jacket most of the remaining years of her life in Rochester, and can be seen wearing it throughout the short documentary, Lulu in Berlin; as such, it is the only known surviving garment worn by Brooks in any of her films! The jacket is accompanied with a notarized letter of provenance from the collector who acquired it at the Brooks estate sale in Rochester in 1985. $1,200 - $1,500"

I believe that one of Brooks' dresses - perhaps one by Patou that she wore in a film - is held in a film museum in Paris, or Berlin. I saw that in a book once and can't recall the exact place. Anyways . . . .

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