Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Bruz Fletcher

Recently, while working on new programing for RadioLulu, I came across the name of Bruz Fletcher, a now little known musician and nightclub singer. Fletcher led an interesting life, and was something of a fixture on the Hollywood social scene in the late 1930's. His name frequently shows up in articles and in gossip columns of the time. I would recommend everyone check out Tyler Alpern's informative web pages devoted to this unique talent.

My interest was peaked because, according to newspaper reports, Louise Brooks attend performances by Fletcher on at least five different occasions in 1937 and 1938. (Well known costume designer Travis Banton, who was gay, was her companion on two of those reported outings.) Fletcher was also gay. And, he developed a somewhat campy though coded routine which he showcased at Club Bali, a nightclub he "owned" in Hollywood. That's where Brooks, and many other celebrities, saw him perform.

Tyler Alpern's webpages are a treasure trove of information. I emailed Alpern, as I was curious to know what Fletcher's act was like, and he generously provided me with a few rare recordings. One of those songs he sent me, "Drunk with Love," can now be heard on RadioLulu. Thank you Tyler Alpern!

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