Thursday, February 23, 2006

I am distraught

This morning, I had used my computer to check email, read the news, etc.... Everthing was working fine. Then I headed off to the library. When I returned, I booted up my computer and my secondary hard drive - a storage drive, failed. I am distraught. All of my RadioLulu files (more than 100 mp3's), all of my Cafepress work, and all of my work on other Louise Brooks related projects was stored on that drive. I am very anxious that this data may be lost or it may cost me a shitload of money to get back it through the services of a data retrieval company. And, I wasted all afternoon chasing down solutions in the vain hope  I might be able to reverse the situation. Apparently, this particular Maxtor hard drive has a history of firmware corruption. The Louise Brooks Society shall not depend on Maxtor hard drives ever again!

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