Friday, February 10, 2006

Diary of a Lost Circus

The Montreal Mirror reports on a vaudeville entertainment taking place this weekend in Montreal, Canada called "Diary of a Lost Circus." The event/performance is burlesque, and has nothing to do with silent film, though it was in some small way inspired by the Louise Brooks' film, Diary of a Lost Girl. The Mirror reports

"I was talking with Damiana on the phone," he recalls, "she was asking me what to call the night, and we came up with names like the Sexy Pants Party, the I Wanna Dance Half-Naked by Myself Show and the like. Damiana, the goddess she is, mentions we should use the word 'circus.' As I gracefully glanced at the 1929 German poster for the Louise Brooks film Diary of a Lost Girl, I thought to myself, 'We are all kind of lost, all trying to find our spot, looking for other spot-finders and with our dances and guitars, we end up finding each other by accident.'"

Castelli's philosophical revelation prompted the title 'Diary of a Lost Circus,' and Dolce dug it too. 'A lost circus,' muses Castelli, 'a  whole lot of us wandering around in the city with a stick, a dress and a good song in our head.
Interestingly, Frank Wedekind's original Lulu plays - the basis for Pandora's Box - are framed by a circus. Anyways, here is a link to the news story. If anyone should attend and spot a Brooks sighting, please post something here.

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