Thursday, February 23, 2006

Continueing my pursuit

Continueing my pursuit of Louise Brooks / Denishawn material from college newspapers, today I looked at an interlibrary loan of the Daily Iowan (the student newspaper at the University of Iowa). I found a few good articles and a couple of advertisements, though no review, regarding the February, 1924 Denishawn performance in Iowa City. I was impressed by the Daily Iowan. It was a pretty decent college newspaper for the time. I think it the equal of the papers from the University of Michaigana, UCLA and the University of California, Berkeley.

I also looked at a small town newspaper, the Altoona Tribune, from Altoona, Pennsylvannia. I found lots of material on the October, 1922 Denishawn performance - though only a little on the March, 1924 engagement. Nevertheless, my pursuit goes on . . . I mean to be thorough. I had also requested a couple of later reels of the Altoona Tribune. And, I found some stuff on screenings of The Street of Forgotten Men and The American Venus, including a few nice advertisements! I will add those to the files, and add citations to the appropriate LBS bibliographies.

Here is a rather busy, though rather typical advertisement I came across today. I think it is rather nifty - so wordy! Notice the adjoining advertisement for the Hipitty Hop Girls. I hadn't realized hip-hop went back so far. . . .

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