Saturday, January 28, 2006

Speaking of vintage comics

Speaking of vintage comics and silent film . . . . I recently ordered two comics books from Fantagraphics. Each contained 1920's comic strips featuring silent film stars. The two I purchased were Fatty Arbuckle and Mabel Normand and Her Funny Friends. Though their covers feature contemporary artwork, inside these 30+ page comic books is vintage material compiled from early issues of The Kinema Comic, a British publication. Each comic also includes a bonus paper toys drawn by Larry Semon - the silent film actor who started out as a cartoonist. Each comic book retails for $4.95, and can also be purchased directly from the editor.

As a bunch of these strips were published in England in the early 1920's, these two collections are the first in what may be a long series of reissues. Soon after receiving them, I emailed the editor, and she told me that a comic book featuring Ford Sterling (Louise Brooks fellow actor in a couples of films) is due out later this year. Hooray!

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