Sunday, January 15, 2006

Paper of Record

Today, I renewed my subscription to Paper of Record, a searchable online database featuring lots of old newspapers. This particular database is especially rich in Canadian and Mexican papers, but it also has a few American papers. I found a couple of advertisements and a review of the March, 1924 Denishawn performance in Galt, Ontario in the Galt Evening Reporter. A nice find! (And now I won't have to do an inter-library loan request for this performance.) I also found some ads and a couple of articles in the Drumheller Mail (from Drumheller, Alberta). Nothing too special, but its always nice to have more Canadian clippings. I also searched El Informador, from Guadalajara, Mexico. I only came up with a bunch of plain advertisements - though in Spanish and featuring the Mexican titles. Except with Mendigos de vida, where she was listed as Louise Brooks, our favorite flapper was listed as Louisa Brooks.

Among the American papers, I found some film advertisements and brief mentions in the Lock Haven Express and the Williamsport Grit (both from Pennslyvania). The Grit was a weekly newspaper, with both a local and national edition. On July 1, 1928 the national edition of the Grit carried a small, captioned photo of Louise Brooks on the front page. The item was titled "Star Gets Divorce." Paper of Record also had a long run of the Afro American. This newspapers was the leading news provider for African-Americans in the Baltimore / Washington, DC Metropolitan area as well as being the longest running African-American, family-owned newspaper in the nation. My search under "Louise Brooks" turned up little, which is not surprising. However, I did find a brief write-up regarding Beggars of Life (1928). The paper noted the important role Edgar "Blue" Washington (and African-American actor) had in the film.

Citations have been added to the respective bibliographies.

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