Friday, September 30, 2005

I was glad to finally see the actual clippings!

Today's trip to the library resulted in a few new citations. I got some Denishawn material from the St. Joseph Press-News (from St. Joseph, Missouri), and film reviews from the Charlotte News (from Charlotte, North Carolina), Des Moines Register (Des Moines, Iowa) and Cleveland Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio). The film material was mostly related to The Street of Forgotten Men (1925) and The American Venus (1926).
I also went through the long elusive "Vertical File microfilm reel 251" from the Kansas State Historical Society. (It has taken me three attempts over the course of nearly nine months to secure this item.) The reel consists of newspaper articles that have been collected regarding various Kansas citizens - including one-time Wichita resident Louise Brooks. Most of the material on the reel can be found onthis page. I was glad to finally see the actual clippings!

Today's new citations have been added to the various LBS bibliographies. . . . And today, I created a new bibliography devoted to the many articles I have collected regarding Louise Brooks' love affairs, marriages, and divorces. One new-to-me 1933 clipping from the Kansas City Star I found on"Vertical File microfilm reel 251". The new bibliography can be found here.

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