Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Poet August Kleinzahler

There is a large article in today's New York Times about poet August Kleinzahler. ( link to article ) He is a fine fellow, and a longtime friend of mine. Back in May, 2000 I published one of his poems as a signed, limited edition broadside. The poem, "Watching Young Couples with an Old Girlfriend On Sunday Morning," mentions Louise Brooks . . . "the women they escort in tight black leather, bangs and tattoos, cute little toughies, so Louise Brooks annealed." (Shades of the Sarah Azzara song!)

The poem appears in Green Sees Things in Waves, which was published by Farrar Straus Giroux in 1998. When I printed this rather plain looking broadside, I included - almost as a kind of watermark - the image of the face of a clock which reads 11:14 am. (clue) The clock face is hard to see on this scan, but is more apparent on the object itself. If you like contemporary poetry, I would recommend checking out Kleinzahler's work. He has a selected poems available for those wishing to dip in.

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