Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Library research jottings

Quick trip to the library today, where a couple of microfilm loans were waiting. I went through a few months of the Paterson News (from Paterson, New Jersey - the longtime home of William Carlos Williams), and found some interesting material, including a review, on The City Gone Wild. The Paterson News is promising, so I may look through other months sometime in the future. I also went through some microfilm of the Joplin Globe (from Joplin, Missouri - not sure who lived there). Denishawn performed in Joplin twice during Louise Brooks' tenure with the dance company. However, each of their perfromances were on Sundays - and the Joplin Globe did not publish on Mondays. Thus, I didn't find any reviews - which is the material I desire the most. Nevertheless, I did find a few advertisements and some generic articles and images (two of which pictured Brooks).

Tomorrow, I return to the microfilm collection at UC Berkeley. This will be my last visit to that campus for a couple of years. And Friday, I will drive to Sacramento to visit the State Library of California. That will be my last visit to that institution this year. I don't have any other "research trips" planned for the next six or nine months. (If things work out - I may have to go to Washington D.C. next June, and may end up visiting the Library of Congress. . . . Most of my research trips piggyback onto business and family trips.) Otherwise, inter-library loans will continue to trickle in every couple of weeks, and I won't be burdening all of you so frequently with these dry library reports.

Here is a picture of my filing cabinet stuffed with Louise Brooks material. The fruits of my labor. I have four drawers filled with files on every Brooks' film, as well as files on significant topics (Denishawn, Ziegfeld Follies, Eddie Sutherland, G.W. Pabst, Lulu in Hollywood, obituaries, etc...).

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