Sunday, August 14, 2005

Leonard Maltin's Movie Crazy

Leonard Maltin recently included the Louise Brooks Society in his list of recommended websites. Under "Links We Like," Maltin wrote "Not many sites of any kind can claim to be celebrating a tenth anniversary online, but that's true of the Louise Brooks Society, devoted to the life and times of the magnetic silent-film star and latter-day memoirist. Thomas Gladysz has assembled a formidable amount of material on the actress and her era; there’s not only a lot to read and enjoy, but there's a gift shop and even a "Radio Lulu" function that allows you to listen to music of the 1920s. Wow!"

If you haven't visited Maltin's website, Movie Crazy, you are missing out! Maltin is a real movie buff (you might even describe him as "crazy about the movies"), and his fine website contains interesting and rare material. Maltin is an author and accomplished film historian, but he brings a fan's enthuisiasm to the movies. I like that. And as is evident from the pages of his website, Maltin also has a great fondness for the silent and early sound era. Explore his website and find out more. Movie buffs will also want to subscribe to his newsletter, Leonard Maltin's Movie Crazy. I subscribe. It's always a good read.

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