Friday, August 26, 2005

Diary of a Lost Girl screening

Diary of a Lost Girl will be shown at the Northbrook Public Library in Northbrook, Illinois on September 7th. Live piano accompaniment performed by Dave Drazin. For more info see  Here is info on other films in the series:

September 14 - Sex
The vampish "Spider Woman" breaks up homes and marriages but retribution soon strikes in a devious way.
Starring: Louise Glaum, Irving Cummings, Viola Barry (90 minutes)

September 21 - Show People
A delightfully funny early glimpse of Hollywood as a girl from the sticks tries to make it in movies.
Starring: Marion Davies, William Haines, Polly Moran (82 minutes )

September 28 - Sunrise
One of the first Oscar winners. A farmer plans to murder his wife, led on by another woman.
Starring: Janet Gaynor, George O'Brien, Margaret Livingston (110 minutes)

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