Saturday, July 30, 2005

Library report

This weeks' trip to the San Francisco Public Library yielded some interesting and challenging material. A few inter-library loans were waiting for me. I dug some good Denishawn material out of both the Eire Dispatch Herald (from Eire, Pennslyvannia) and the Rocky Mount Evening Telegram (from Rocky Mount, North Carolina). Curiously, the Dispatch Herald arrived instead of theEire Daily Times, which I had requested and which apparently is not available for loan. . . . And the microfilm record of theRocky Mount Evening Telegram was incomplete. I usually approach a Denishawn performance date a week to ten days out, scanning the newspaper microfilm for relevant articles, pictures and advertisements. I was doing so when I noticed that the filmed newspaper record jumped from February to July! How unfortunate, as I had found some interesting articles up to just two days prior to the performance. I would guess that the newspaper for Rocky Mount simply doesn't exist anymore. And a likely review of this particular Denishawn performance is lost.

I also scanned a few months of the Oregon Daily Journal (from Portland, Oregon). I found some worthwhile film reviews and advertisements, including the one pictured above. At this particular screening of Just Another Blonde, the psychic Gene Dennis (1903 - 1948) made an appearance. I have run across her name before, and am always curious about the live acts which accompanied screenings of Louise Brooks' films. Apparently, Gene Dennis (who hailed from Atchison, Kansas) was well known in her day, and made a number of accurate predictions. She was also the first psychic to appear on national radio.

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