Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Quick notes

Quick trip to the library, where a couple of inter-library loans where waiting. I dug out some nice Denishawn material from the Sentinel (from Lewiston, Pennslyvannia) and the American-Press (from Lake Charles, Louisiana). The Denishawn performance in Lewiston was the very first with Louise Brooks as a member of the company. And the review in the October 3rd issue of the Sentinel, which ran on the front page of the paper, referenced Louise Brooks - making it one of the very earliest instances of Brooks' name appearing in any publication. I wonder if she knew - I wonder if she was a bit pleased with herself?.

And yesterday, I recieved a couple of packages in the mail; each were proxy research requests. From them, I got some hard-to-get-at 1924 Denishawn reviews from the Syracuse Herald (from Syracuse, New York) and the Springfield Union (from Springfield, Massachusetts). Each of the papers referenced Louise Brooks, while the Springfield Union singled out the future actress for praise when it noted "All of them charmed, particularly the Siamese interpretation, and the Japanese lantern dance by Louise Brooks."

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