Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Strange days

I like to listen to music while I am blogging, crawling the web, or working on the LBS website. Today, I played  The Best of Dave Edmunds and Basher: The Best of Nick Lowe. Hadn't listened to either in long time. The Nick Lowe CD contains such great songs as "Cracking Up" and "Cruel to Be Kind" - as well as "Marie Provost." I hadn't really realized that song is actually about Marie Prevost (though Nick Lowe misspells her name). It's lyrics read in part: "Marie Provost was a movie queen / mysterious angel of the silent screen / And run like the wind the nation's young men steamed / When Marie crossed the silent screen." Lowe's lyrics also recount the rather morbid circumstances around Prevost's premature death. Don't know why this English pop musican wrote a song about a long forgotten movie actress, but he did. . . . And then a few hours later, reading while riding the bus to work, I once again come across the rather morbid circumstances surrounding Prevost's death in Gavin Lambert's excellent biography of Norma Shearer. Strange days are here . . . .

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