Sunday, March 6, 2005

March 12th happenings

Looking for something to do on Saturday, March 12th ? Check out either of these happenings:

The Archive Hour on BBC Radio Four
Date: Saturday 12th March 2005
Time: 20:00 to 21:00
"To produce his landmark book on the art of the silent movie, The Parade's Gone By, Kevin Brownlow interviewed many of the leading figures including directors Henry King, Alfred Hitchcock, Lewis Milestone and Garbo's favourite Clarence Brown, as well as stars such as Mary Pickford, Louise Brooks, Gloria Swanson, Buster Keaton and Boris Karloff. In conversation with Kevin Brownlow, Michael Pointon explores a fascinating archive, voices from a now almost forgotten era. The programme also includes contributions from Sir Jeremy Isaacs, who helped to promote the silent film during his tenures at Thames TV and Channel 4, and film music composer, Carl Davis." Individuals can listen to this program for a week afterwards via the following link:   [ Radio, and on-line radio archives such as the BBC, are a great unexplored domain for fans of silent cinema. For example, follow this link to listen to a September 11, 2004 program on Buster Keaton.  ]

Also on March 12th, the wonderful William Wellman film, Wings, which won the first Best Picture Oscar, will be shown with live organ accompaniment in Wichita, Kansas.

Silent Movie Night: Wings (1927)
Century II Exhibition Hall, 7 PM
Tickets: $12 and $6 for students
Century II, Wichita's main convention center, houses the 1926 New York Paramount Theatre Wurlitzer organ. Music from this one-of-a-kind instrument will accompany the film and will be performed by Clark Wilson.

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