Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Lulu a Hollywood

Today, a book I had purchased over the internet arrived in the mail . . . . I received a copy of Lulu a Hollywood, by Louise Brooks. This is the Italian edition ofLulu in Hollywood. This book was first published in Italy in 1984. My copy was issued by the publishing company Ubulibri in 2003. The book was translated from English to Italian by Marcello Flores d'Arcais.

This edition is pretty similar to the three American editions with which most fans are familiar. Except for a one-page "Scritti di Louise Brooks" (or "Writings by Louise Brooks") added to the end of the book, this Italian edition features the same content as the English-language editions. Interestingly, the portraits of Garbo and Gish included at the beginning of Brooks' essay in the English-language edition have been substituted with different images of the actresses. Otherwise, all of the images included in the English-language editions are included in this Italian edition, though this copy also includes additional images from Capitan Barbablu (A Girl in Every Port) and Lulu (Pandora's Box). The book - which sells for 16 Euros - also has a different cover. The black-and-white front cover is the Eugene Richee portrait of Brooks wearing pearls. The rear cover is its mirror image.

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