Friday, February 25, 2005

Garbo Festival

Just back from the opening night of the Garbo Festival at San Francisco's Balboa Theater. I saw Queen Christina, which I enjoyed a great deal. It was a satisfying film on so many levels. Garbo was terrific - and lovely throughout. John Gilbert was good. Lewis Stone was good. The cinematography / art direction was good. And Adrian's costumes were fabulous. Also in the film, in a small role, was Gustav von Seyffertitz - who acted in The Canary Murder Case. (As well as Akim Tamiroff in an uncredited role - he acted in King of Gamblers.) Film critic David Thomson gave a short, insightful introduction -recounting the time when he was teaching film history at Dartmouth and one of his students discretely revealed that his great aunt was the reclusive actress! (My wife has convinced me that we should attend the Sunday afternoon screening of Torrent, which coincides with the Balboa's 79th anniversary celebration. So, I will be there !)

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