Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Weekly research report (warning: dull)

Went to the library today to do research. No interlibrary loan material had arrived, so I ventured home to write this post about nothing. . . .
Earlier this week, I had received word that four of my ILL requests were rejected. I had been hoping to borrow copies of the Jacksonian (Jackson, Tennessee),Morgantown Post (Morgantown, West Virginia), Orlando Morning Sentinal (Orlando, Florida), and Ponca City News (Ponca, Oklahoma), but the institutions which have these newspapers on microfilm apparently won't loan the material. Oh well. I was hoping to gather articles or reviews on the Denishawn performances in those four cities. If anyone reads this and lives near one of those four cities and would be willing to do an afternoon's research tracking down those reviews, please email me at thomasg AT pandorasbox DOT com  Thanx as always!

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