Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Notes on yesterday's trip to the library

Yesterday's trip to the library yielded some interesting results. I was able to dig up a few more reviews, articles and advertisements dating from Louise Brooks' time with the Denishawn dance company. This material - some of which mentioned Brooks - came from the Indianapolis Times and Sioux Falls Daily Press (from South Dakota). I also scavenged a few film reviews and advertisements (see earlier LiveJournal entry) from the New Orleans Item and the Manitoba Free Press (which comes from Winnipeg, Canada).

Three months of the Louisville Courier Journal also arrived. I was hoping to find something on Brooks' appearance as a night club dancer in Kentucky. In his biography of Brooks, Barry Paris mentions that she worked in that state in early 1935. I figured it must be in Louisville. I didn't find anything in the Courier Journal. So, I will next check the Lexington newspapers.

I also recieved a couple of months of the Miami Herald, where I was again looking for material on Brooks' appearances as a night club dancer. This time I hit the jackpot. There were numerous small articles, a few pictures, and lots of advertisements promoting "Louise Brooks and Dario." The featured performer at the Embassy Club where Brooks' was dancing was Marion Chase, a singer from New York City. I wasn't able to find out anything about her by searching Google. Is anyone familar with her?

One of the more interesting items was an advertisement for the Embassy Club which noted that boxer Max Baer, the world champion, would also be appearing on a particular evening. I wonder if Louise Brooks and Max Baer met?

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