Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Detroit trip

I recently got back from Detroit, where I was visiting family. I took the time to visit the Detroit Public Library where I spent 6 hours looking through microfilm of the three major Detroit papers. I found newspaper reviews and / or articles for each of Louise Brooks' American films - The Street of Forgotten Men through The Canary Murder Case. (Didn't have time to get into the 1930's). Also found a review of the 1924 Denishawn appearance in Detroit, a bunch of movie ads, a few captioned photos, and an advertisement by a local jewelry store which pictured Brooks (a tie-in for Canary Murder Case). All together, a good haul.

Wanted to get over to the nearby Wayne State University library, but just didn't have the time. They have a Berlin newspaper from the 1920's, as well as the paper from Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Denishawn performed in Ann Arbor.) If any Louise Brooks Society member lives in the Detroit area and would consider a trip downtown, please contact me for details.

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